Sigma Process is an Automated Solutions Provider.

We help our clients to improve and optimize their manufacturing process so they can reach their objectives and goals successfully.
We do that by thinking differently and offering innovative, simple, and cost effective solutions to our clients.
We help our clients to become more knowledgeable by educating, training, and guiding them during the process.


We are specialized in designing, programming, commissioning, and troubleshooting PLC Control Systems, Drive systems, Motion systems, Safety Systems, Monitoring and Data Acquisition Systems, Automated Tooling Machines, and Fabricating electrical Panels.

We have the knowledge and the experience of a large company within the flexibility of a small company.

Our Mission

We value both our customers and employees.

Our employees are our most valuable asset.

Our goal is to exceed customers’ satisfaction by offering best engineering services.

Our reputation is based on providing high quality services to our customers and having a team of knowledgeable, talented and experienced engineers.