Manufacturing Plants are generating more data than before and the key performance data should be collected, archived, managed, and analyzed properly so the plant can be operated more effectively and more efficiently. In addition, the plant information should be accessible remotely via mobile systems.

At Sigma we can help your team to increase productivity and run the plant more efficiently.

– Having mobile access to the plant data or manufacturing line
– Receiving reports daily via email regarding key performance indicators
– Viewing important information at a glance at all time
– Being able to make reliable decision for increasing productivity based on the collected data
– Always knowing what is going on, 24/7, no matter where you are

– Saving time and cost through access to error messages remotely
– Identifying weak spots rapidly
– Minimizing downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Quality Control:
– Having access to long time archiving of Data
– Generating reports automatically without human interference

Operation Control:
– Monitoring the operation remotely
– Viewing the production information such as messages and characteristics in a glance