Environmental Industry has recently started using PLCs and HMI panels for manufacturing devices.

Paying attention to details, and choosing the right products among all PLCs and Operator Panels available in the market, and utilizing our years of experience on other industries have differentiated us form others in this industry.


Case Study

Checking odor samples on site or at the office, one station or few stations.

Our client was developing an Olfactometer for sampling odors. He wanted to use a PC with I/O boards for checking the samples at one station in the office and save all the data on a PC.

Instead of using a PC based control, we offered our client a PLC based system with a HMI panel that could be fit in a military waterproof box so he can carries the box on site in case the project is time sensitive instead of shipping the odor samples back to office, and the Olfactometer in the box could be used in the office and gets expanded to few stations in case more samples has to be taken simultaneously.

All the data could be saved in the PLC system and could be shown either on the HMI screen or transferred to another PC via Ethernet connections.