Aged nuclear reactors in recent years have created a new market for designing, building, and programming Automated Tools for refurbishing the nuclear reactors.

We have been involved from the beginning with programming, installation, commissioning, training, and site support for different automated tools for refurbishment of CANDU nuclear reactors in New Brunswick Canada and South Korea.


Case Study

A machine which was meant to handle 4 tools, were turned into a machine with capability of handling up to 32 tools by changing the concept in the PLC program.

Our client had designed and manufactured a specialized automated tool for refurbishing nuclear reactor in nuclear power plant. Originally the machine was meant to handle 4 tools and the plan was to write one sequence for each tool.

We reviewed the machine, the parameters, and the movements on each axis of the machine.

Instead of 4 sequences in total for 4 tools, we defined 4 core sequences for loading, inserting, removing, and unloading each tool, and then we created two separate recipe systems.

The first recipe system was for handling all the parameters for each tool, 32 recipes for 32 different tools.

The second recipe was used to call those 4 core sequences in any combination up to 8.

Operator could choose the sequence like Loading Tool and choose the tool which has to be loaded, after that it could be inserting the same tool, and next could be loading another tool.

One change in the concept of programming and utilizing the whole capacity of a machine made it into one of the most used automated tool on that project.