Being precise, detail oriented, familiar with different PLC platforms, able to manage projects properly and deliver on-time and on budget have helped us to gain customer satisfaction and being successful in this industry.


Case Study

Systemizing the process of preparing the PLC & HMI program to save more time and money, speed up the process, and increase the customer satisfaction.

Our customer is building few different type of machines. Each machine can be configured by their customer by adding or removing options which is very desirable for their customers.

Our customer wanted to increase the productivity and speed up the process of programming control system but letting their customers to decide on the options, has caused them to have non identical machines which require spending more time on the design, drawing, and the PLC program for adding or removing options to match the customers’ orders.

Our client and Sigma reached a solution to define 3 to 4 tiers of machines, by having the first one as standard or generic which covers most of the need of customers in general and have 2 or 3 more types of machines with all the extra possible options.

Instead of letting the customer to pick different options, customer can pick from 4 types of machine.

This let Sigma to create a standard program for PLC and HMI which can be used in first type of machine and as a platform for adding other options and expand it to cover other optional type of machines.

Besides simplifying the PLC program, Sigma was offered doing project management and preparing the Operation Manual and FAT documents and commissioning the machines on site which will help to speed up the process of manufacturing the machines and productivity and the customer satisfaction.